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John has a passion for fashion photography and is in his element when working with new talent coming into the industry or established professionals who want to reinvigorate their portfolios.

We have experience in shooting images that get our clients noticed and advising on how you can develop your potential further. This industry has many potential pitfalls and investing in a good portfolio now can save you much time, money and heartache in the future.

We offer two ranges of shoot to suit your speciality and requirements.

Call the studio if you would like to discuss which options are right for your shoot.

Headshots -
An essential for any actor, dancer, singer and model if you want professional headshots for your marketing, website, book or card then we're happy to oblige. Shoots are at the studio and include two retouched images included on disk as high and low resolution jpg's.
Payment required at time of booking.

Full Photoshoot -
Join John at the studio and you will have a full shoot with both indoor and outdoor sets to get a complete portfolio of images. John will discuss the shoot with you ahead of time and ensure that you are properly prepared. On the day you'll work through a minimum of four and maximum of six looks. Six retouched images are included on disk as high and low resolution jpg's.
Payment required at the time of booking.

We advise you to ensure that your makeup and hair is of the highest standard and can arrange the services of our preferred stylists for £45 (payable to them on the day.)

After your shoot your images will go online to review. We are happy to talk through the images with you before you make your final selection. These will then be fully retouched to our studio standard. Retouching includes removing skin imperfections where necessary, removing stray hair and other distractions, enhancing colour, creating stylised looks or simple black and whites.

Your chosen images will be supplied as high resolution jpg's for printing and low resolution for use on websites, Facebook etc. We will supply a licence outlining the usage of your pictures as copyright will always be retained by the photographer.

Before your shoot
Prepare your bag – You cannot bring too many clothes! Bring a range of outfits and it will allow John to style the shoot to suit the light and locations on the day. Make sure your outfits fit you well and are consistent to the style you want to show in your portfolio. Solid colours always look better than stripes which can distract from you. Remember too that a portfolio isn't the same as a family album. Outfits that work well in a shoot are sometimes things you wouldn't be seen dead in other than at the studio. Ladies please make sure that you have a strapless bra as well as some macthing lingerie. If shooting lingerie style then stockings/holdups are often good to include. Bring heels but also some flat shoes and a big coat for walking between locations.

Prepare Yourself – Don't have a late night before the shoot and drink plenty of water in the 48 hours leading up to the session. This will give your skin a healthy glow. Ensure body hair is shaved the day before to allow your skin time to recover. If you are using our makeup artist then come clean faced and ready to be made up. If you have any allergies to specific products then discuss these with the stylist ahead of the shoot and be prepared to bring your own products with you. Please ensure that any tan is even across your entire body without obvious tanlines.

Prepare your ideas - Feel free to email us any ideas you have that you would like to use as inspiration before the shoot or bring tearsheets from magazines on the day. Look too at the way the models pose their body and faces and practice ahead of the shoot if this is your first professional shoot. We can't guarantee to replicate any shots identically but will use them as a starting point if time and conditions allow.

On the day – Have a look at Google Maps or similar for directions to the studio. Sat Nav systems never find it. Give yourself plenty of time to get here to take any pressure off. If you are delayed then please call to tell us. Unless you are under 18 years of age then a companion is welcome to drop you off and have a coffee with us whilst we plan the shoot but they will not be allowed to stay and observe. There are all sorts of reasons for this policy which we would be delighted to discuss but is non negotiable. If you are under 18 then we insist you are accompanied and the companion stays with you throughout the shoot.

Terms and Conditions
1. Payment is required at the time of booking to confirm the date in our diary.
2. Cancellations must be notified to us 24 hours prior to the shoot to enable us to reschedule. This must be by telephone to the studio or email. If no notification is received then we reserve the right to decline refund
3. Once cancelled a shoot may only be rearranged once. If that too is cancelled then again we reserve the right to decline a refund and not rearrange.
4. Payment for hair and makeup must be made directly to the stylist on the day of the shoot and before they commence work.
5. Payment for images must be made at the time of ordering and before retouching work is carried out.
6. Retouching is done at the studios discretion, to high industry standards. Specific requests from the client may incur extra cost.
7. Your gallery will remain online for six weeks after the shoot. If you fail to select images in that time it will be removed and a fee incurred for reloading to the server.
8. Copyright. Images will be supplied by download or disk as high and low resolution jpg's. The photographer will retain copyright at all times. The images must not be altered in any way from how they are presented without prior written permission of the photographer. If used online for Facebook, portfolios or websites then the watermarked version must be used or a credit given to We will put some images from your shoot online. These may be copied or linked to but must not be cropped in anyway to remove our watermark. Images must not be given away, sold, used for publication or any commercial purpose without written agreement from the photographer. We reserve the right to use images in all manner of promotional material and other output from the studio, online and in print. We will not sell images for commercial purposes without negotiation for fee with the model. Failure to comply with any aspect of this licence will result in us removing all usage rights to the images and the possibility of further legal action.